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Our CheetaThin Appetite Suppressant is everything CheetaThin stands for. It’s a safe and simple weight loss product for every day use which gives you back control of your weight loss journey. It's about change at any age.

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  • Weight-loss without the gimmicks. CheetaThin curbs your hunger and makes you want to eat less.
  • Our ingredients have been used in natural remedies for years to suppress hunger, detox toxins, boost the metabolism and increase energy
  • All-natural, GMO-free, and cruelty-free! There are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients in our products.
  • Our dedicated customer service team is here for you. Give us a call or send an email with any questions you have about CheetaThin.
  • Shop with confidence. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our products.

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*Please note results may vary from person to person.

CheetaThin is Proudly South African

"Is CheetaThin Appetite Suppressant a locally made product...?"

A question that comes up often. I though I would quickly address it.

In short, YES our CheetaThin Appetite Suppressant is proudly 100% South African.

CheetaThin is produced in a GMP and MCC Certified manufacturer called Nutrapharm situated in Ballito K.Z.N.

CheetaThin is SAFE!

Safe, Simple Weight Loss for Every Day Use.
No Insomnia. No Sluggishness. No Headaches.

CheetaThin ONLY contains 100% ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS as shown on our product page here, for safe and effective weight loss.

Side Effects while using CheetaThin are minimal. However, If you have any medical condition please consult with your dr before taking CheetaThin Appetite Suppressant. If you would like to view each side effect associated with each ingredient please click here.

With 100% natural ingredients, CheetaThin is a safe and effective weight loss solution.