4 Phases That Explain What Happens To Your Body During A Detox

There is a good chance that you have heard of body detoxification. There might even be a good chance that you have undergone such a process. However, when most people hear the term “body detox” it brings on a lot of contradicting arguments. The truth of the matter is that the body is undergoing constant detoxification. The liver, adrenal system, kidneys, gut, blood, and brain are all continually working in conjunction to remove waste from the body. Waste like toxins and free radicals that can have a negative impact on your health and energy levels. This is why it is imperative to understand what is happening within the body when you are undergoing a detox.

01. Hunger And Cravings

When you are undergoing a detox, you are flushing overgrown bacteria out of your gut. This is bacteria that have spread throughout the system and it will not want to go easily. In fact, this is why the body craves carbs, sugars, and fats when you are detoxing. You are simply starving them out, and they are doing everything within their power to survive in your system. It will not be easy to do, but you will have to ignore these cravings. The best way to battle these cravings in by replacing them with foods that won’t feed the bad bacteria.

02. Lack Of Concentration Or Brain Fog

Most people that undertake a detox will experience brain fog or concentration issues at some point. This is just one of the common side effects and it occurs because of the chemical adjustments that are taking place within the body. Your brain will be preoccupied with the ongoing changes and this will, in turn, make it harder to focus. The best way to combat this is by consuming beverages or foods that will enhance cognitive functions.

03. Bloating Or Inflammation

Most people are surprised to learn that a detox actually causes bloating or inflammation. You would think that since you are flushing the body of bacteria and toxins you wouldn’t experience bloating. Well, this is not the case at all. Bloating is something extremely common when you undergo detox, and it occurs because that old bacteria is dying out and the prebiotics are resettling within the system. The best way to get over this phase is by adding a probiotic supplement to your diet.

04. Emotional Changes

You can probably already guess that bloating, brain fog, and hunger cravings are all going to lead to emotional changes. These changes will not be good ones. You are not getting the foods that you want, and your energy levels are drained, of course, you are going to feel upset and frustrated. You have to learn to adapt to this phase of the detox and take everything as it comes. Most people don’t know that their gut can have such a powerful effect on their mood and brain until they undergo a detox. It has such a powerful impact because 90 percent of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut as well as 50 percent of the dopamine.

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