4 Reasons To Add Artichoke To Your Diet

Who here LOVES artichokes?

We Certainly do!

Did you know that artichokes can help promote a healthy gut, increase liver function and lower cholesterol ?!

Here’s a list of artichoke leaf benefits that will make you want to add artichokes to your diet!

#1 Artichokes Are Full Of Nutrients

Artichokes are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It also is one of the highest in antioxidants of all plant based nutrients. It contains an important source of vitamin K which is great for the liver.

#2 Can Help Reduce Cholesterol

Artichoke leaf has been found to lower cholesterol. After a 13 week study it was noted that there was a “significant reduction in both total and LDL cholesterol” in those that ate artichoke.

#3 Aids In Healthy Digestion

Because of the high fiber content in artichokes. It has been discovered that artichoke is very beneficial for the digestive tract. It promotes a healthy gut and regular bowel movements

#4 Supports Liver Function

There has been evidence showing that artichoke leaf could act as a liver protecting agent, and can promote the growth of new cells. Resulting in a healthier liver.

Try adding artichoke to your diet in order to experience some of these amazing health benefits. Be sure to check out our delicious artichoke dip recipe to get you started.

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