5 Minute At Home Booty Building Routine

In todayā€˜s world, a firm booty is at the top of everyone's priority list, but not everyone has the time to commit to a serious booty building routine.šŸ‘

If you want to get a firm butt without spending hours in the gym, you're in luck! This butt toningĀ routineĀ is the best to get a toned backside without gym equipment and its only 5 minutes! šŸ˜šŸ˜


Do each of the following exercises 2 times for 30 seconds each

Exercise 01: Triangles

Exercise 02: Side Kicks

Exercise 03: Hydrant Taps

Exercise 04: Rainbows

Exercise 05: Hip Hold

Along with regular exercise we strongly suggest that you stick to a clean diet to see desired results, be sure to check out our recipes for some meal inspiration!

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