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What is The Banting Diet?
10 Commandments of The Banting Diet
Banting Diet Food List
- Green Food List
- Orange Food List
- Red Food List
Simple 7 Day Banting Meal Plan
23 Banting Frequently Asked Question

    Food glorious food, the delicious, aromatic smells of food that tease our senses. A reaction that is so natural, that cannot be avoided. The sight and smell of any delicious meal makes your taste buds dance in your mouth.

    • Are you tired of trying hundreds of diets without losing weight?
    • Are you the sort of person who finds it difficult to stick to diets?
    • Do you feel like you need to starve yourself before you start losing weight?
    • Do you suffer from poor health conditions?

    If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you need to consider trying the Banting Diet.

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    What is the Banting Diet?

    The Banting diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, named after its founder William Banting. The idea behind this diet is that when eating a diet with lower cards and higher fat makes your body shifts from burning carbohydrates for energy to burning fat. The diet is extremely effective for a number of reasons especially for people who are carbohydrate intolerant.

    Here are a few signs that may mean you are carbohydrate intolerant:

    • If you gain weight around the waist instead of around your thighs.
    • If sugary or meals that contain starch make you feel sluggish.
    • If you have intense feelings of hunger first thing in the morning.
    • If you're an emotional eater.
    • If you tend to gain weight a lot easier than your friends or family.
    • If your weight fluctuates.

    If you experience experience any of the above, the Banting Diet may be able to help you.

    banting diet

    Banting Diet Benefits:

    • The Banting Diet gives you an overall feeling of well-being and drastically decreases stress which results in better sleep.
    • Food cravings begin to subside. This is mainly because fat has proven to make you feel fuller for longer.
    • Weight Loss begins almost immediately.

    Banting is:

    • Being able to enjoy the food that you thought was bad for you while still losing weight.
    • Staying away from high processed foods such as sugars and refined grains.

    10 commandments of the Banting Diet

    All you need to know before you start this change to a healthy lifestyle;

    1. Consume animal fat - This is the focal point of the Banting Diet. This challenges the way we think because we have always been taught that fat makes us fat. The truth is that sugars and refined carbohydrates causes insulin spikes which tells your body to store energy as fat.

      2. Consume as much vegetables as possible - Vegetables are known as the ‘bulk food’ to all Banters. Green veggies are the go-to-vegetables and all banters know that eating a variety of these veggies is the best for the body.

      3. Snacking is a big No-No unless its Banting Friendly - Snacking is a form of cheating especially when on the first week of Banting. Try not to snack unless its Banting-friendly. The solution to beating down those hunger pangs is to increase the amount of animal fat intake as fat acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

      4. Never lie to yourself - Consuming high carbohydrate foods that are professed usually hide in foods such as peanuts, baked beans and legumes. Refer to the "Banting Diet red list; foods that should not be consumed as a Banter" to make sure you stay within the guidelines.

      5. Never over eat and never under eat - Beginner Banters have a habit of either eating too much or too little. Just because you are confined to a low carb diet it doesn't mean you can eat as much fat as you like. At the end of the day if you eat more calories than you burn you will still put on weight.

      On the other hand don't under eat while being on the Banting Diet. Fat contain fewer calories compared to carbohydrates so you will probably need to eat more than you expect. If you become extremely hungry during the Banting diet chances are you are either under eating or you have not been eating enough fat. The great thing about this diet is fat is a lot more filling than carbohydrates so you shouldn't feel much hunger at all if done properly.

        6. Try not to consume too much protein - The Banting diet is a high fat, low carb diet and NOT a high protein diet. The main point of the Banting Diet is to cut out the carbohydrates from your diet and replace it with more fat. Don't focus on increasing your protein intake. You will naturally get enough protein with all the vegetables and meat you will eat.

        7. Always read Food Labels - Always be on the lookout when it comes to ready made meals or processed foods. These foods almost always contain carbohydrates. Stay away from foods that claim they are low in fat. These foods may be low in fat but the fats have been replaced with sugars to compensate for the loss of flavor. "Low Fat Meals" are nothing but a sly marketing tactic.

        8. Avoid consuming too many fruits and nuts. - Fruits contain natural fructose which is "natures sugar". On the Banting diet ANY sugar should be limited, if not avoided completely.

        Nuts can be found on the Banting Diets green list however like any food they should still be eaten in moderation. People tend to over eat nuts because they make the perfect snack to carry around all day.

        9. Control the amount of dairy you consume - Dairy does contain carbohydrates, and yes, it can be good for the body however is should be strictly controlled and moderated. Dairy does contain small amounts of carbs therefore its not a free for all. If you are lactose intolerant avoid dairy all together.

        10. Remain strong - A lot of people tend to give up early while being on the Banting Diet. The first 10 days in this diet venture are always the most difficult because your body is still in the process of getting rid of those nasty carb cravings. Stick with it, after 10 days when the carb cravings disappears you'll start seeing drastic changes, not just with your weight but also your over all mood.

        Banting Diet Food Allowed?

        Imagine driving in your car towards a robot, if the robot is green you can continue driving, when it changes to orange you know you need to take caution by driving slowly, however, when the robot turns red we know we must stop.

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        The Banting diet food list is similar to the robot. Eat as much as you like from the green list, be cautious of the orange list and finally stay away from the red list.

        The Banting Diet Green List

        A low carb list of foods that can be consumed routinely.

        Animal protein: 

        • Eggs
        • Offal
        • Poultry
        • Meats
        • Natural cured meats
        • Seafood


        • Cauliflower
        • Lettuce
        • Avocados
        • Broccoli
        • Sauerkraut
        • Tomatoes
        • Spinach
        • Aubergines
        • Cabbage
        • Spring onions
        • Leeks
        • Onions
        • Pumpkins
        • Artichoke hearts
        • Radishes
        • Asparagus
        • Mushrooms
        • Olives
        • Courgettes


        • Full-cream milk
        • Cottage cheese
        • Cream cheese
        • Cream
        • Full-cream Greek yoghurt
        • Soft cheeses
        • Hard cheeses


        • Any rendered animal fat
        • Macadamia oil
        • Almonds
        • Avocado oil
        • Nuts and seeds
        • Olive oil
        • Flaxseeds
        • Sunflower seeds
        • Sweeteners
        • Butter
        • Coconut oil
        • Pine nuts
        • Walnuts
        • Lard
        • Cheese
        • Mayonnaise, full fat only
        • Pumpkin seeds
        • Erythritol granules
        • Macadamia nuts
        • Duck fat
        • Ghee
        • Pecan nuts

        Flavorings and condiments:
        All flavorings and condiments are okay, provided they do not contain sugars and preservatives or vegetable oils.

        The Banting Diet Orange List

        Food on the Banting orange list contain between 6 grams to 25 grams of carbs per 100 grams. Food in this food list needs to be eaten with caution.

        C = cups per day
        T = tablespoons per day
        t = teaspoons per day
        g = grams per day


        • Blueberries ½ C
        • Quinces 2
        • Honey 1 t
        • Watermelon 2 C
        • Blackberries 3 ¼ C
        • Raspberries 2 C
        • Nuts
        • Peaches 2
        • Bananas 1
        • Vegetables
        • Cashews, raw, 6 T
        • Mangos, sliced, under 1 C
        • Carrots 5
        • Kiwi fruits 3
        • Nectarines 2
        • Pawpaw 1
        • Chestnuts, raw, 1 C
        • Clementine’s 3
        • Pineapple, sliced, 1 C
        • Sweeteners
        • Sweet potato ½ C
        • Figs 3
        • Oranges 2
        • Gooseberries ½ C
        • Guavas 2
        • Pears 1
        • Litchis 18
        • Plums 4
        • Grapes (green) under 1 C
        • Prickly pears 4
        • Cherries 1 C
        • Pomegranate ½
        • Strawberries 25
        • Apples 1
        • Butternut ½ C

        The Banting Diet Red List

        The Banting red list contains all the foods you should stay away from completely. These are either toxic or extremely high in carbohydrates. It is strongly advised that you avoid all the items on this list. 

        Baked goods:

        • Pastas, noodles
        • Rice
        • Beans
        • All grains - wheat, oats, barley, rye
        • Sorghum
        • Rice cakes
        • Millet
        • Breakfast cereals, muesli, granola of any kind
        • Brans
        • Couscous
        • Breaded or battered foods
        • All flours from grains, wheat flour, cornflour, rye flour, barley flour, pea flour, rice flour
        • All forms of bread
        • Buckwheat
        • Crackers, cracker breads
        • Corn products - popcorn, polenta, corn thins, maize
        • Cakes, biscuits, confectionary

        Thickening agents:

        • Gravy powder
        • Stock cubes
        • Maize starch


        • Fizzy drinks of any description other than carbonated water
        • Beer
        • Diet drinks of any description
        • Cider

        Dairy / dairy-related:

        • Rice milk
        • Cheese spreads, commercial spreads
        • Puddings
        • Fat-free anything
        • Commercial almond milk
        • Ice cream
        • Coffee creamers
        • Reduced-fat cow’s milk
        • Soy milk
        • Condensed milk


        • All seed oils
        • Margarine
        • Vegetable oils
        • Chocolate
        • Marinades 
        • Salad dressings
        • Vegetable fats

        Fruits and vegetables:

        • Fruit juice of any kind
        • Vegetable juices 


        • All fast food
        • All processed food
        • Any food with added sugar such as glucose, dextrose 


        • All unfermented soya
        • All processed meats
        • Meats cured with excessive sugar
        • Vienna sausages, luncheon meats


        • Agave anything
        • Cordials
        • Malt
        • Dried fruit
        • Artificial sweeteners 
        • Fructose
        • Honey 
        • Syrups of any kind
        • Sugar

        7 Day Banting Diet Meal Plan

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        • 2 eggs (fried)
        • Few rashers of bacon or pork sausage
        • Tomato


        • Large salad with steak or chicken and cottage cheese


        • Apple slices with almond butter


        • Pork with steamed spinach and pumpkin and a small tub of Greek yoghurt



        • Omelette with bacon, cheese, rocket and tomato
        • Lunch
        • Sautéed vegetables


        • Small can of tuna


        • Greek salad with olive oil
        • Broccoli or cauliflower with cream cheese
        • Steak



        • Eggs and bacon
        • Coconut milk smoothie


        • Green leafy salad
        • Chicken breast


        • Yoghurt


        • Roast chicken
        • Pumpkin with butter
        • Baby marrow with cheese sprinkled on top



        • Scrambled eggs in butter
        • Few rashers bacon
        • Mushrooms, onions, tomato and pepper friend in bacon fat


        • Biltong salad with full cream yoghurt


        • Hard boiled eggs
        • Dinner
        • Fish and some prawns
        • Spinach and pumpkin and a Greek salad



        • Banana pancakes
        • Coconut smoothie


        • Vegetable soup


        • Biltong 


        • Beef or chicken 
        • Stir fried vegetables in olive oil



        • Yoghurt and berries smoothie


        • Egg and sweet potato hash browns


        • Mixed raw nuts


        • Hake friend in butter and lemon juice
        • Spinach with butter and garlic
        • Grilled pumpkin



        • Eggs 
        • Bacon
        • Mushrooms fried in olive oil


        • ¼ chicken
        • Cucumber and tomato slices


        • Avocado


        • Steak
        • Roasted butternut
        • Spinach

        Top 23 Banting Diet Frequently Asked Questions

        1. Can you drink alcohol when on the Banting Diet diet?

        You can consume moderate amounts of alcohol. Avoid drinking beer and sweet drinks. Non-sweetened drinks and wine gets the green light.

        1. Can you get gallstones when on the Banting diet?

        No, but if you already have gallstones you will experience some short-term distress.

        1. Are saturated fats dangerous?

        No, it is an old wives tale which led us to believe that fats are bad for us. There has never been a scientific study that proves saturated fats are bad for us. On the other hand, there have been numerous scientific studies that have shown the danger of high carb diets.

        1. Can you get cancer by eating red meat?

        No, only processed meats which we have advised to stay away from has proven to cause cancer.

        1. Is salt dangerous to one’s health?

        No, we need salt however always consume salt in moderation.

        1. Is the Banting Diet for everyone?

        Yes, people who are an the Banting Diet generally have no issues controlling their weight. On the other hand, people who eat foods with high carbohydrates generally have trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

        1. Who should be on the Banting Diet?

        Generally people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, obesity, Hypertension or anyone who struggles maintaining a healthy weight experience great results with the Banting Diet.

        1. Should I start the Banting Diet?

        Read up on as much information as possible and then decide for yourself if this diet is for you.

        1. Are there meal plans to follow?

        There are hundreds of meal plans to follow online. Simply google "Banting Diet meal plans" and search through the results.

        1. Is it important to count calories and carbs while Banting?

        There is no need to count calories. If you follow the green listed items you should stay within the guidelines. Carbs on the other hand should be monitored, keep your carbohydrate intake low. If you are not losing weight work on decreasing your carb intake.

        1. Which foods are best suited to eat when Banting?

        Refer to the Banting Green List in this article.

        1. Which foods should I keep away from?

        All food that are listed on the Red List. Stay away from refined sugars, processed foods, low-fat foods and any food that is rich in carbs.

        1. Can I drink coffee and tea while Banting?

        Yes, however keep away from sugar and low fat milk. Banters generally prefer using cream when it comes to hot beverages.

        1. Should I exercise while Banting?

        Yes. We always recommend exercising even if its only for 10 to 15min per day. Exercising comes with many added benefits and it will help increase your weight loss.

        1. Should I weigh myself?

        Yes, but don't become obsessed with the scale. Only weight yourself once a week, if you are not dropping weight try cutting down your carb intake or avoid dairy. You may be lactose intolerant!

        1. Is there a right way to measure my waistline?

        There is no right or wrong way, but here is some guidance that may help you:

        • Stand feet apart, about 20 cm space between feet.
        • When using a tape, use it on your skin and not on clothing.
        • Control breathing
        • Don’t hold the tape too tight along the waistline.
        • Situate the tape measure halfway between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bone, use your belly button as a guideline.
        1. What should I do if I do not see results while being on the Banting Diet?

        Not seeing any results can be very demoralizing, when it does happen remember we are not all the same and our bodies react differently. If you do not see any results start by cutting back on your carb intake. If this still doesn't work try cutting out dairy completely, many people are lactose intolerant without knowing it.

        1. Can children go on the Banting Diet?

        Yes. A sugar filled diet is not healthy for anyone. If your child is struggling with their weight the Banting Diet should be considered.

        1. Does the Banting Diet come with side effects?

        Yes, but it is short term side effects. The Banting Diet in its early stages may make you feel dizzy, experience some abdominal cramps, muscle pain, shivers and sweats. However, as your body adjusts you should feel even better than before staring the diet.

        1. How can I maintain my weight when I have achieved weight loss?

        Maintain your carb intake and eating habits. After a while your body should stabilize around your optimum weight.

        1. Can we eat foods not mentioned on any of the lists?

        If food is not on any list we mentioned earlier in this article check how many carbs it contains before consuming. Subtract the amount of dietary fibre away from the total Carbohydrate to get the correct carbohydrate content.

        If the food item is 0-5 grams of carbs per 100 grams then it is safe to it and its in par with other foods on the "green list". If an item of food is between 6 grams and 25 grams per 100 grams it will fall in the orange food list, take caution when consuming this item of food. Anything above 25 grams is a red light, it falls under the red list of foods and you should not be eating it at all.

        1. Is the Banting Diet effective for weight loss?

        Yes, its extremely effective. By ingesting low carbs, you are to control your blood glucose and insulin levels which helps burn fat. Reducing your carb intake suggestively helps you to regulate your cravings for sweets and starchy foods. The only way to achieve this is by consuming a low carb diet.

        1. Is it ok to eat fat while on the Banting Diet?

        Yes, yes and yes! Scientific studies verify that saturated fat does not cause heart disease. There are plenty of substantial evidence that proves this.

        There you have it. Literally everything there is to know under the sun about the Banting diet summed up in a single page!

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