Does Coconut Oil Promote Weight Loss?

Millions of people struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. Many turn to over-the-counter supplements, while others join gyms to combat those extra kilos. If you are an advocate for all-natural supplements, you have probably heard of coconut oil. If so, have you ever considered incorporating it into your weight loss regimen? Find out if coconut oil really aids in weight loss by reading the rest of the article.

Why Virgin Coconut Oil?

When utilizing coconut oil to lose weight, it is recommended to only consider “virgin” oil. With that said, you “pure” or “regular” virgin is believed to help in weight loss. However, if you want to maximize your efforts, you should choose virgin or extra virgin coconut oils. The reason is pure coconut oil is considered low-quality because it contains a combination of virgin and processed oil. And, in many cases the pure coconut oil will contain a lot more of processed oil than virgin oil. So, it is not going to be as effective as 100% virgin oils.


Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA's) 

Coconut oil naturally contains triglycerides with multiple fatty acids. These fatty acids contain anywhere from eight to 12 carbon atoms. The process utilized to create medium-triglycerides (MCT's) involves packing three fatty acids with the naturally occurring chemical, glycerol. As a dietary fat, MCT's are believed to contain health-promoting properties.


Burn Fat Faster

If you visit a gym, it is likely that you will hear someone talking about MCT supplements. One reason these products are so popular among endurance athletes and bodybuilders is that they fat oxidation, also known as fat burning. By increasing fat oxidation, the body is able to burn fat faster. If losing weight is important to you, it is likely that you desire quick results. Well, if you are willing to combine virgin coconut oil with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will lose weight and become healthier quicker.


Feel Fuller Longer

There is nothing worse than dealing with hunger pains. Not only can these symptoms be painful at times, but also they can force you to eat more often. The second reason why coconut oil is so popular among gym rats is that it increases satiation, feelings of fullness. What this basically means is coconut oil contains properties that can fight hunger pains. It does this by making the stomach feel full. And, in many cases it will make you feel fuller for longer.


Boosts Energy

Lack of energy is the reason many dieters cheat. If you do not stick with a healthy diet, you will experience weakness and fatigue after several days of dieting. Performing your regular duties and working out will require lots of energy. Well, that is exactly what you can get from coconut oil. It does this by increasing energy expenditure.

While coconut oil has shown to aid in weight loss, achieving faster results will require virgin or extra virgin. You can combine olive oil with apple cider vinegar and herbs to achieve even quicker results.

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