How To Lose Weight By Breathing

There is nothing worse than stuffing your face with tasteless salad leaves and working yourself to death in the gym and not seeing any results. All that exercise might be invigorating and empowering, but there have probably been plenty of times when you found yourself wishing that there was an easier way. Well, you might be surprised to learn that there is an easier way and all it takes is learning a few simple breathing techniques. This whole concept of breathing to lose weight is based on author and trainer Patrick McKeown.

Transforming Everything About Your Body

Patrick says that the quality of the air your breathing could impact everything about your life. Learning to improve the quality of air that you intake could potentially transform your life. When you really think about it air is like food. Sitting down at the dinner table and stuffing your face with unhealthy dish after dish isn’t going to do your body any favours. The same thing could be said about the amount and quality of air that you breathe in.

Air Is The Biggest Obstacle

The reason you haven’t been seeing any success with other diets could be due to the fact that you haven’t been breathing right. Breathing is without a doubt one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Not taking in the right amount of air or the right quality of air could not only potentially impact the efficiency of your work out, but it could impact the overall quality of your life. If you find that you are breathing through your mouth, snoring, or sighing a lot there is a good chance that you aren’t practicing the right breathing techniques.

In Patrick’s book, he goes on to report that only a mere five percent of most people’s diets are made up of breathing friendly food like fruits, vegetables, and plain water. The other 95 percent of the diet is all acidic. Foods like processed meat, dairy, bread, sugar, coffee, and tea would all fall into this category. It seems that consuming acidic foods like this can cause one to overbreathe by altering the brain to intake larger amounts of air. If you are consuming foods like this on a daily basis then these hurtful breathing habits will become like second nature.

Getting Your Start

In order to get started with your weight loss quest, you will need to discover your Body Oxygen Level. You can do this by taking the Body Oxygen Level Test.

Inhale a small breathe through your nose and let it out silently as possible through your nose.
After prepping the nostrils, go ahead and pinch them shut with your fingers.
Count the numbers of seconds until you start gasping for breath.
Release the nostril and being to take normal calm breaths.
The number of seconds that you counted would be considered your Body Oxygen Level.

Learn To Breathe Light

The trick is to get your Body Oxygen Level as low as possible and you can do this by implementing the following technique three to six times a day at 10 minutes intervals.

  1. Place a hand on your chest, while putting the other just above your navel.
  2. Breathe in as gently as possible.
  3. Breathe out while trying to gently let your abdomen move inward.
  4. While doing this pay close attention to the breathing pattern.
  5. You can reduce your breathing movement by applying pressure gently with your hands.
  6. The trick is to try to reduce the depth of each breath.
  7. Take smaller or shorter breaths if at all possible.
  8. Now breathe out, exhaling slowly and gently.
  9. Trying to bring a sense of relaxation to your breathing.
  10. Always try to avoid holding your breathe or pausing your breathing patterns.

At the end of the day, there are a number of ways that one can lose weight effectively and safely. The only problem is that most of them require drastic changes in diet and exercise routines. Learning to breathe to lose weight could free up an immense amount of your time or could double your weight loss efforts.

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