Is Diet Soda Bad For You?


You have probably been drinking diet sodas for a number of years now thinking that you are doing yourself some justice. Well, if you are like most people, you have heard that old saying, “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.” If you have been listening to the latest news reports and studies there is a good chance that you are questioning that very statement. Is diet soda too good to be true? Are you actually hurting your body rather than doing it a favour by consuming diet soda?

The Carbonated History Of Regular And Diet Soda

Diet soda was an idea that was dreamed up and brought into fruition in 1952. The original concept of the soda was to offer a safer beverage alternative to diabetics. Well, the soda manufacturers jumped right on the opportunity and ran with the lead. They started producing sugar-free and zero-calorie sodas that will appeal to the health-conscious individuals out there. There have even been some countries like the Philippines that have gone so far as to ban sugary drinks with Tax Reform acts. Such actions have made many soft drink companies reduce their production of classic sugary beverages. Unfortunately, this led to an increase in those less popular diet sodas, which are probably now more popular in today’s time.

Where Diet Soda Fails Dieters

When you like at those zero-calorie and sugar-free drinks on paper they really look good. Who wouldn’t want a healthier alternative that won’t pack on the calories and is only half as bad for you? And, this is not to mention that the taste isn’t that far off either. According to modern science, weight loss is all about the number of calories that you consume. The more calories you consume, the more weight you gain. It makes sense right? The truth of the matter is that it is not quite that simple. A number of studies have tested the theory that drinking diet soda actually makes you consume more food. Sure, you don’t get the calories from the drink, but you are eating more food.

This is possible because it doesn’t matter if the sweetness in the soda is natural or artificial. Both are going to increase or enhance your appetite, which is only going to give you more and more cravings. This is especially true for the ingredient Aspartame.

What About The Health Claims

Well, diet soda was first introduced on the market as a safer alternative for diabetics. There must be some kind of health claim that the soda drink manufacturers can prove about that, right? Unfortunately, diet soda does not only fools your taste buds. It fools your body as well by tricking the pancreas into creating insulin. Your body creates insulin to release sugar as a fuel to burn fat, but excessive consumption of sugar can eventually lead to insulin resistance. Diet soda doesn’t contain sugar, but it is sweet and when your body tastes something sweet it triggers that same reaction as if you did eat something sweet.

Is diet soda worth trying or should you just stick to regular soda? Should you give up soda altogether? The truth of the matter is that both soda and diet soda is dangerous. Whether you want to consume it or not is up to you, but consuming the beverage in small moderate amounts shouldn’t have a major negative health impact. If you overdo it, you could be looking at a major health scare.

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