6 Portion-Size Mistakes You’re Probably Making








If you are going to start a weight loss campaign or if you are just looking to get all around healthier, you are going to need to know how to eat right. Of course, it isn’t just enough to eat the right foods, but you need to know how to properly portion them. Eating too many of the right foods can have a negative effect on the body and weight. This is why it is more important than ever to understand the actual portion size of your meals.

01. Be Careful With Fruit Smoothies 

Most people know that fruit smoothies are packed with great nutrients that can benefit the body, but they also forget that they are also packed with calories and sugar. This is why it is important to stay away from those 500g servings. Instead, you only want to consume right around half of this.

02.Don't Overdo It With Granola

Granola is not only high in calories and fat, but most of the store-bought variety will contain loads and loads of sugar. Most people usually consume a whole bowl of granola thinking that they are doing their bodies a favor. Well, you really only need to be eating ¼ to 1/3 a cup. The best way to consume granola is by mixing it on top of your yogurt or combining it with small portions of fruit

03.Properly Portion Yogurt And Ice Cream

Did you know that not all yogurt is healthy? In fact, some yogurts can contain more calories than a scoop of ice cream. This is why you need to limit your intake to ½ a cup or 1 scoop. Also, when buying yogurt make sure that you stray away from the brands that are high in sugar and saturated fats.

04.Bagels And Cream Cheese Are Dangerous To Your Waist

Bagels and cream cheese are no doubt a breakfast favorite for many, but they can be extremely dangerous to your diet. Don’t smother your whole bagel with cream cheese. Instead, opt for a smaller bagel with only 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of cream cheese.

05.Watch Out For Olive Oils

Olive oil is rich in healthy fats that can help your body absorb essential vitamins, but it also contains 120 calories per tablespoon. Even a quick drizzle over your salad or just a dash in the frying pan can easily add up to three tablespoons, which is a staggering 360 calories. Measure out portions to make sure that you are consuming safe amounts.

06.Pasta Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

Pasta is without a doubt high in calories and carbs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it from time to time with the right portion-sized dishes. Instead of eating a whole bowlful just opt for 1 cup and you will be safe. You might even make to go for the healthier, homemade versions that are loaded with lean protein and vegetables.

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